About SophisticatePeople.net

We provide sophisticated people with a feature rich online platform to pursue their goals and dreams within a selected community focused on quality above quantity. 

SophisticatedPeople.net is a members-only network. To join you must be invited by an existing member with invitation privileges or you can apply for membership.

Yearly Membership
$9.99 one time and then $9.99 yearly

Why is this a paid platform?

By charging a fee for membership, we ensure that at any one time, only motivated individuals are part of the community. Free platforms or freemium models are filled with noise, scams and worthless connections. As a paid platform, we can be certain that every member has a commitment and serious interest to be part of the community. It also means that we do not operate like free platforms that have to sell data or cover their platform with advertising to make up for their costs.

But why not free like other invitation-only platforms?

An invitation-only platform per se doesn't guarantee quality. When such invitation-only communities grow in size, more and more invitations are handed out without any sense of commitment by new members. Fake accounts are widespread and as times change certain members are no longer who they were when they were originally invited. With our paid membership we ensure that only truly committed members are part of the community.

What's the Buzz About?

"As advanced and feature-rich as Facebook" 
"As exclusive and private as aSmallWorld" 
"As professionaly-relevant as LinkedIn" 
"As new as A Best of All Worlds" 
"As easy and fast as Xing.com" 
"As passionate as Match.com" 
"Unique · Private · Efficient"